Moorestown, “Princeton without the university”

Burlington County’s best school district, Moorestown

Because I live in Burlington county I often get leads for buyers for Burlington.

In New Jersey, property values are highly correlated to the perceived quality of a town’s school district. Prices for similar houses in adjacent towns can vary greatly if one’s in a high-ranking school system and the other is not.

Burlington county has one school system that clearly ranks far above the rest, and that’s Moorestown, a gorgeous little town I like to call “Princeton without the university.” Out of 328 public high schools in New Jersey, Moorestown ranks #27, putting it in the coveted top 10%. The next highest-ranking school system in Burlington county is Cinnaminson at #114, not even cracking the top third of the state.

Moorestown Friends School

moorestown friends school

Moorestown Friends School, founded in 1785 (photo credit Moorestown Friends School)

In place of Princeton University, 35 miles to the north, Moorestown has the Moorestown Friends School, a private Quaker-run school with about seven hundred students in pre-K through grade 12. MFS started life as a one-room schoolhouse on this site in 1785, eighty-eight years before the first public school in the town was opened. It draws students from within a 50-mile radius and its beautiful campus anchors the town’s main street in its Quaker history.

Like Princeton’s Nassau Street, Main Street Moorestown is lively and charming, filled with historic homes, quaint shops and a variety of restaurants doing a good business. The restaurants are all BYOB, as the town is dry except for its mall.

Like Princeton, Moorestown has housing options in many price ranges

Another way in which Moorestown and Princeton are alike is the variety of housing options. As in Princeton, there is an enormous range available, with properties to fit almost any budget. While the average sold price in the town this year is $435,000, right now in Moorestown there are seven fixer-uppers for sale under $200K. There’s also many properties priced between $1 and $3 million, as well as a 20,000-square foot house with an indoor basketball court and bowling alley for which they’re asking $6.3 million. Professional athletes who play for Philadelphia teams are among those who like to live in Moorestown; Center City is only 15-20 minutes away.

I’m showing houses in Moorestown on Sunday and I always enjoy it there!

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