using technology to serve clients better–faster, at odd hours, at their convenience

a rare event, a house for sale in Cranbury Greene

This morning I was getting out of the shower, about to make my first cup of coffee and wake up my lazy dog when I heard the distinctive ping of a text message come over my cell phone. It was just after 7 am, and this was a potential buyer wanting to make an appointment to see a gorgeous house our office has listed in Cranbury Greene, a very desirable neighborhood of newer (built in the late 1990s) homes within walking distance to Main Street Cranbury. Only one or two of these homes goes up for sale in a year and there are always people waiting for them.

early morning texts work better than calls

25 Bergen Drive, Cranbury, NJ, listed by my office

25 Bergen Drive, Cranbury, NJ, listed by my office (photo credit Callaway Henderson Sotheby’s International Realty)

Now this buyer would never have called me at 7 am, but she felt okay texting me, and she was right! A text is much less obtrusive than a phone call. In her text, she asked Can I call you now? and I said sure. We were able to have a productive conversation before she arrived at her office and became hard to reach for the rest of the day. I also texted the seller prior to 7:30 am to confirm tomorrow’s showing and he was able to get right back to me before he started his day, too.

texting often more convenient than calling

In the “old days” of a couple years ago, all this communication would have had to wait until nine a.m. when people feel it’s okay to call, and then we might have ended up playing phone tag, because not everybody can take or make personal calls while on the job. People who work in hospitals, attorneys who spend a lot of time in court, teachers–these folks and many more do not have the ability to talk on the phone while at work, but they can usually look at or fire off a quick text at some point during the day.

communicate with your real estate agent using the technology that works for you

When choosing a realtor, you should look for one who is willing to match your communication style. You may be strictly a telephone person, or you  may prefer to text, or email, or even chat or use VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol, for example, Skype). A modern agent should be very easy to reach by any of these methods and she should accommodate you and your preferred ways of communicating.

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