Thank you and Happy New Year to all my 2016 clients and referrers!

As we wrap up another year, I would like to send out a huge thanks to all my 2016 clients. There are hundreds of realtors in the Princeton area, and I appreciate every single person who decides to hire me to assist them.

So thank you Robin and Mike, Takashi and Chiho, Denise, Aaron and Diane, Jeremy and Julia, Raj, Susan and Joseph, Robert, Sunita and Sanjeev, Ed, Syed and Mariam, Paul and Rita, Jennifer and Matteo, Suzanne, Fard and Cerria, Mike, Sophia and Ron, Sedi and Hamid, Alana, Anju and Bharat, Brenda and Mitchell, Mark, Ari and Melissa, Jessica, Mike and Dawn, Jose, and Sheree and John–my 2016 buyers, sellers, tenants and landlords.

And another huge thank you to the many people who sent clients my way this year. In an industry that’s based on repeat business and referrals, I am grateful to Jon, Leslie, Dan, Kim, Deb, Faith, Tracy, Liz, Robin, Lynn, Melissa, Pamela and Chris for sending clients to me in 2016.

Happy New Year to you all!


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