Cranbury Community Wide Garage Sale Tomorrow 9-5

In between negotiating multiple offers for my latest condo listing in Lawrenceville, I just finalized this map for tomorrow’s Community Wide Garage Sale in Cranbury.┬áIt’s 9-5, the weather’s supposed to be nice, and there are forty participating households. You can use the online version at this link to see where they are, or pick up […]

Hurricane Sandy’s Effects on Real Estate, Part I: Appraisals

An Appraisal, Followed by a Hurricane On the morning of Monday October 29, Wells Fargo sent an appraiser to the house I’ve got under contract in Cranbury. The sellers allowed him access, he inspected the property and collected the data he needed, and he retreated to his home office to crunch the numbers. That afternoon, […]

no, it’s NOT a buyer’s market everywhere

In real estate, a buyer’s market is a situation where there are more properties for sale than buyers ready, willing and able to buy them. In other words, supply is greater than demand, which makes prices go down and gives buyers more leverage over sellers. For more than five years, since the real estate market […]

using technology to serve clients better–faster, at odd hours, at their convenience

a rare event, a house for sale in Cranbury Greene This morning I was getting out of the shower, about to make my first cup of coffee and wake up my lazy dog when I heard the distinctive ping of a text message come over my cell phone. It was just after 7 am, and […]