no, it’s NOT a buyer’s market everywhere

In real estate, a buyer’s market is a situation where there are more properties for sale than buyers ready, willing and able to buy them. In other words, supply is greater than demand, which makes prices go down and gives buyers more leverage over sellers. For more than five years, since the real estate market […]

Haddonfield, the most desirable town in south Jersey

Today I have the pleasure of showing three historic houses in beautiful Haddonfield to buyers who currently live in Center City, Philadelphia but are making the move across the Delaware River to the Jersey side. Haddonfield is a prime destination for such buyers and there are at least three reasons for this. The PATCO station […]

what’s in a HUD? or, secrets of the RESPA…

The HUD, the RESPA–by any other name, the settlement statement My long-delayed Jamesburg listing is finally closing this Friday, so I just sent my seller a blank HUD to get her acquainted with the form. She will of course get the final HUD form at closing from her buyer’s attorney. What we call “the HUD” […]

using technology to serve clients better–faster, at odd hours, at their convenience

a rare event, a house for sale in Cranbury Greene This morning I was getting out of the shower, about to make my first cup of coffee and wake up my lazy dog when I heard the distinctive ping of a text message come over my cell phone. It was just after 7 am, and […]

Moorestown, “Princeton without the university”

Burlington County’s best school district, Moorestown Because I live in Burlington county I often get leads for buyers for Burlington. In New Jersey, property values are highly correlated to the perceived quality of a town’s school district. Prices for similar houses in adjacent towns can vary greatly if one’s in a high-ranking school system and […]

princeton historical society annual house tour november 3rd

The Historical Society of Princeton has announced the five houses to be featured on the 2012 House Tour, to take place on Saturday, November 3. The tour is sponsored by my brokerage. Holiday house tours are a fun way to get to see the interiors of special and often spectacular homes. Many towns in the Princeton area […]

today i showed an almost 200-year-old house in East Millstone

Today I showed a very old house in East Millstone, a tiny part of Franklin right on the Delaware and Raritan Canal opposite Hillsborough. Thought to be one of the oldest houses in the township, it dates from the early 1800s and is listed by my office. The couple I showed it to are ONLY […]

rent-to-buy…how does that work?

This morning a client wrote to ask about rent-to-buy. She is currently in  the second year of a two-year lease on a single family house in Hamilton. The house is working for her and her children and the owners are settling into their new home out of state and will not be coming back to Jersey. […]

a buyer is looking not only for the right property, but also for the right seller

These days it’s a given that buyers do not want to overpay. Everybody knows the boom years of easy appreciation are over and in our mobile society, many people cannot commit to staying in a property long enough to see considerable profit from the mere passage of time. I tell my buyers they are not […]

a little condo in Plainsboro…

New University Medical Center of Princeton jumps Route One for Plainsboro So today after floor time (yes, we still do old-fashioned floor time in our office, which I enjoy!) I am going to show a 700 square foot one bedroom condo in Ravens Crest, a large complex in Plainsboro, about three miles from my office. […]