rent-to-buy…how does that work?

This morning a client wrote to ask about rent-to-buy. She is currently in  the second year of a two-year lease on a single family house in Hamilton. The house is working for her and her children and the owners are settling into their new home out of state and will not be coming back to Jersey. […]

a buyer is looking not only for the right property, but also for the right seller

These days it’s a given that buyers do not want to overpay. Everybody knows the boom years of easy appreciation are over and in our mobile society, many people cannot commit to staying in a property long enough to see considerable profit from the mere passage of time. I tell my buyers they are not […]

a little condo in Plainsboro…

New University Medical Center of Princeton jumps Route One for Plainsboro So today after floor time (yes, we still do old-fashioned floor time in our office, which I enjoy!) I am going to show a 700 square foot one bedroom condo in Ravens Crest, a large complex in Plainsboro, about three miles from my office. […]